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05/21/2019 | In the News
IsoPlexis Completes $25 Million Series C Financing

BRANFORD, Conn., May 14, 2019/PRNewswire/ — IsoPlexis, a company focused on advancing single-cell biomarkers to address critical challenges in oncology & beyond, today announced that it had raised $25 million in Series C funding. The round was led by Northpond Ventures and included new strategic investment along with current investors Spring Mountain Capital, Ironwood Capital, North Sound Capital, and Connecticut Innovations.

In 2018 IsoPlexis’ novel single-cell immune biomarkers accelerated insights in the rapidly moving field of cancer immunotherapy. Its single-cell polyfunctional strength product uniquely predicted responses of CAR engineered T cell therapy patients in blood cancers, pre-therapy, for the first time. IsoPlexis’ customers also released multiple data sets defining the quality of patient response of CAR-T, TCR-T, CRISPR edited T-cells, and more. Additionally, the company’s systems achieved correlative data through its novel profiling of TILs and T-cell from the blood of checkpoint immunotherapy patients.

The company rapidly expanded its user base with the launch of the IsoLight system at various Cancer Centers and biopharmas in the US, Europe and China in the second half of 2018, providing access to single-cell chip based systems first published in Nature Medicine in 2011. IsoPlexis’ products have been recognized as the #1 innovation by the Scientist Magazine, global Red Dot design winner, and #1 technology innovation by Fierce.

For 2019, the company has begun to share information on new single-cell product launches to address high need areas based on data generated and published on IsoPlexis’ platform. These include: single-cell polyfunctional inflammation solutions targeted towards neuroinflammation and autoimmunity, single-cell solutions for innate & myeloid cell types that contribute to immunotherapy response, single-cell energy state assays focused on advanced metabolomics in oncology, and tumor resistance assays focused on advanced tumor signaling.

“We are pleased to lead the financing of IsoPlexis, an emerging leader in single cell analysis, which is catalyzing research in immunotherapy as well as a number of other high value applications,” said Chris MacGriff of Northpond Ventures.

In continuing its path forward, IsoPlexis continues to utilize its internal application engine and its partnerships with university professors and co-founders to build innovative single-cell products addressing high need disease areas. Additionally, IsoPlexis will expand its global operational, manufacturing, and commercial team across US, Europe and Asia, to add to the 105 employees IsoPlexis has currently.

“I couldn’t be more excited about partnering with Northpond Ventures and our other new investors as we continue to rapidly expand our product offerings and leadership in the single-cell field,” said Sean Mackay, CEO and co-founder of IsoPlexis. “The more unique and revealing data our customers gather on our systems, the closer we get to an era of more personalized and proactive medicine in engineered cellular therapy, immune-oncology, autoimmune disease, and beyond.”


IsoPlexis (www.isoplexis.com) is dedicated to accelerating the fight against cancer and a range of the world’s toughest diseases with its uniquely correlative, award-winning single-cell detection systems. By revealing unique immune biomarkers in small subsets of cells, we are advancing immunotherapies and targeted therapies to a more highly precise & personalized stage. Our integrated systems, named #1 innovation by the Scientist Magazine & Fierce, are used globally to advance the field of single-cell biology and biomarkers as we generate solutions to overcome the challenges of complex diseases.


Jon Chen 
Director of New Collaborations

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