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10/01/2018 | Ironwood Insight
Ironwood Capital Golf Outing 2018

On September 27, Ironwood Capital hosted its annual golf outing. Once again, we were fortunate to enjoy fantastic weather, squeezing in our outing between the deluge of the day before and the day after. The brilliant weather reflected the bright spirits of our attendees – and the colorful swag shared with our guests. So glad everyone could come and share the day with us!

Time to party at the Ironwood Capital 2018 Golf Outing reception

Zach Luce, Ironwood Capital CFO, in the red hat, at the center of the post-golf reception.

Carolyn Galiette, Ironwood Capital president and chief investment officer, at the 2018 Ironwood Capital golf outing

Carolyn Galiette, Ironwood Capital president and chief investment officer, announcing contest winne

Paul Witinski, Ironwood Capital Director, and Marc Reich, Ironwood Capital Chairman and CEO.

Paul Witinski, Ironwood Capital director, and Marc Reich, Ironwood Capital chairman and CEO, enjoying the festivities.

Sam Tingley, M&T Bank, and Jim Barra, Ironwood Capital managing director, ready to get on the course!

Happy attendees with Ironwood Capital swag.

From left, Ramsey Goodrich of Carter Morse & Goodrich,  Matt Guanci, Robinson & Cole and Chris Aroh of CohnReznick, proudly show off their Ironwood Capital swag – hats, vests and other assorted paraphernalia.